10seconds.in is a venture of DATAGEN INTERNET SERVICES PVT. LTD. , we are India’s one of truly integrated Digital Media Marketing Company promoted and directed by the DATAGEN. We are dedicated to provide its customers a high degree of Reliable, Available and Secure services. We provide SMS, Voice and Pay Per Click services include push and pull SMS service, and customized Enterprise Solutions that enable organizations to significantly enhance their efficiency. We are confident that our technology is one of the best in the industry; we would be able to sufficiently demonstrate the strengths of our products & services, which we hope will translate into a mutually beneficial relationship for our organization and associates. We offers the most versatile SMS API for fastest SMS delivery which many industry using for OTP(One Time Password) and other password verification. Our SMS API makes it simple to incorporate SMS into your web site, normal application, ecommerce, accounting and CRM framework. A couple of basic lines of code is all it takes to include SMS usefulness and send robotized SMS cautions, warnings, advertising messages and more to your clients. Utilizing Simplest SMS API, you can send cautions and warnings, OTP, Transactional SMS to your client’s, mechanize your SMS promoting, with our SMS API can use confirmation.

We are procuring and developing highly efficient operator and technology from the industry to make reliable our technology in 10seconds.in. In 10seconds.in we are trying to assure customer that his SMS will be delivered within 10 seconds. The basic infrastructure and mechanism is back bone of this service which gives surety of delivery. We provide our customer a very simple and powerful API integration which can be used to generate OTP SMS within 5 to10 sec which avoid waiting time for your customers. 10seconds.in is best OTP SMS Service Provider and it is so simple to integrate in your website/ application/ software/ app platforms such as vb, asp, php, Java etc.

Our single API is capable of handling 200 SMS / Second.

URL Tracking

We can create API for sender ID also (if required).

We have a different section for API reports on our web panel.

The payment can also be implemented at your end.

Our five different connectivity will ensure SMS delivery within 10 seconds.



Open Template

The User Does Not Need Any Approval From The Service Provider in Order to Blast Open Template.

Dedicated TPS

We Have Dedicated 1000 Tps for SMS Fastest Delivery, Get Dedicated TPS for Best Route.

Simple & Fast API

Simple & Fast Api Different Report Section for Api Only Can Deliver Upto 200 Messages Per Second.

URL Tracking

Test Accounts and More Advanced URL Tracking Via Api or SMTP.

All Language Support

Choose our SMS API for All Languages Support.

2Factor Authentication

2 Factor authentication, Also Known as Two Step Verification Process.

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